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At LXLabs, we believe that learning is essential to professional and personal satisfaction. That is why we consider it our mission to help companies make their teams grow. We are dedicated to designing learning experiences that are memorable and meaningful but also cost-effective. In our work, we rely on both our expertise in e-learning design and our passion to create bespoke out-of-the-box solutions to your training needs.

We create e-learning that solves your challenges.

Training goals can be different. We recognize the uniqueness of your challenges and work together with you to build customized solutions suitable for your environment and learners. Our vast set of skills allows us to match-and-make until we reach the perfect result.

About Us

Our unique skills and passion will make your projects unforgettable.

Online Course Design

If you want your employees to master a complex set of skills (for instance, improve foreign language proficiency or cover the basics of work as a new hire), online courses are the best format to achieve this goal. Such courses represent a digital library of texts, videos, and interactive tasks that learners can complete at their own pace.

Video Production

Educational videos are a great way to convey information! They are engaging and visually stimulating, which aids comprehension. Whether you want to create one video on a specific topic or a whole series of video lectures, we are ready to assist you with planning, recording, and editing. Just bring your ideas, and we will take care of the rest!

Microlearning Illustration

Educational Game Design

We all love to play! In fact, scientists claim that gameplay is one of the most effective ways to consume information. It is not surprising that the trend for gamification is surging in learning and development circles. We at LXLabs passionately create educational games for both adults and children! If you want to produce truly engaging e-learning content, we will be happy to help!

Interactive Digital Documents

Let’s be honest, PDFs are boring and ineffective! We’ve all had those tons of information that we need to cover, and it is usually mind-wrecking. Turning boring documents into interactive tutorials is a great way to increase engagement and make training learner-friendly. In our work, we use a variety of authoring and microlearning tools that will turn your heavy digital manuals into a light piece of learning!

E-learning Design for Individuals

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