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Leadership + English

Course Overview

You have studied English, but you still think you aren’t good enough. There is a lack of confidence to speak, especially in a professional environment. In addition, you don’t always know what to say at meetings or how to explain things. This might be because you have been doing it all wrong.

Leadership English doesn’t teach language rules. Instead, it provides you with practical tools that you can immediately use at work. Its unique method combines language with career skills and allows you to learn English for career purposes and leadership. Negotiate, persuade, give feedback, and participate in meetings from the first day of your course!

Course Details
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Leadership English is designed for working professionals with an intermediate level of English. The unique hybrid structure of this course allows for online and in-person training.

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Intermediate level of English proficiency

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Online lessons & in-person workshops

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60 hrs worth of training & learning materials


This course DOES NOT contain any boring grammar exercises!

Research shows that knowing grammar rules doesn’t make you an effective speaker. Instead,  Leadership English teaches you useful strategies that will immediately help you communicate in meetings and other work situations. It’s the only English course of its kind! Our unique method is based on the understanding of text structure, which will make you master English for career purposes and will make you a confident professional communicator.

Learning Outcomes
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This course will help you develop your English proficiency and career-related skills. You will learn and practice different techniques that will make you a professional communicator!

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Course Content Title

Each week, you will focus on one of the career-related topics and practice related skills.

Unique custom-designed workbook guide makes following lessons easy!

The Leadership English workbook guide contains exercises, case studies, and texts designed to make learning extremely comprehensive and fun! In addition, a learner-friendly layout and attractive design will make you enjoy every minute of studying!

Leadership English Workbook
Course Instructor
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This course is taught by Iana Galai, MA in Linguistics and MSc in Education from University Cote D’Azur, France.

Iana specializes in teaching professional and academic English to adults. She started doing this 15 years ago when she first came to Cambodia. For many years she worked as a Head of English at one of the universities in Phnom Penh.

Right now, her research interests include organizational psychology, as well as English & soft skills for career development. Since 2022, Iana has been running a soft skills training agency where she helps company employees master communication and English skills.

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Dive in useful our relevant and engaging exercises, videos, and articles!

The Leadership English online course contains more than 60 hours of engaging custom-designed content based on the latest personal improvement trends. Our interactive exercises will help you practice English and better your soft skills.

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We designed study plans to match your needs! Whether you enjoy independent learning, prefer to socialize, or require a personalized approach, we’ve got you covered!

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Embrace Online Learning
Digital Nomad Price - 249$
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Engage Socially
Hybrid Worker Price - 299$
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Get Personalized Approach
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