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From Fixed to Growth: Mindset Shift for Better Life

Scientists suggest that our self-limiting beliefs might be the product of our mindset. When we talk about mindset being fixed, we mean rigid ideas about learning and abilities. People with this type of mindset believe in natural talents or the lack of them. On the other hand, people with a growth mindset seem to focus on effort as the predictor of success. Life coaches and popular psychologists have long embraced this concept. They propose reframing self-talk as one useful strategy to focus on growth and developing skills.

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Cognitive reframing can be practiced by adding yet to self-limiting statements.
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Cognitive Reframing: You Aren’t Happy… Yet!

We all have limiting thoughts. Some of them seem inherent (“I can’t sing”), while others are our own or other people’s opinions that have somehow stuck with us and turned into convincing self-narratives over time. “I am not cut out for being a manager,” “I always overshare,” “I can’t manage my time…” These presets may harm and limit us, but they also, in a sense, make us unique and contribute to our identity. That is why it is sometimes so hard to get rid of them. Cognitive psychologists suggest practicing reframing as one effective way to deal with self-limiting beliefs.

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