Welcome to the digital library of the Leadership English course! This course is designed for working professionals with an intermediate level of English. It aims to develop your communication skills and help you gain confidence to use English in the work environment. This course consists of four chapters.

  • The first chapter – Leader – will focus on the concept of emotional intelligence and its first component, self-awareness. In this chapter, you will learn to deal with feedback and practice delivering important ideas point-by-point.
  • The second chapter of this course is called Mindset. This chapter is dedicated to building personal motivation and learning to manage personal emotions. This chapter will help you develop your presentation skills and deliver constructive feedback.
  • The third chapter of this course is an Insight into the thoughts and actions of other people. How to understand what other people think? The core skill of this chapter is empathy. It will help you navigate the challenging world of professional relationships.
  • Finally, the last chapter of this course is called Influence. It will teach you conflict resolution, negotiation, and persuasion – the important skills you need to build relationships with other people.

Each chapter of this course is designed based on research on the current trends in learning and development. Complete exercises, watch videos, and read articles that will help you become a high-preforming professional and enhance your work experience. Don’t forget to check your understanding of the material by completing interactive tasks and quizzes. Good luck and happy learning! 

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