Course Content

Course Content

This course consists of four chapters. Each chapter has a focus topic and a skill that you will practice. Flip through the cards below to see what each chapter is about.

Chapter I: Me
This chapter will look at the life and problems of a regular employee at the hotel. You will learn how to manage stress and find motivation to move forward when things don't look bright. You will also learn about the power of mindset and how to learn to overcome failure with a growth mindset.
Chapter II: Team
The second chapter of this course is about your team. Working together with other people can be both a rewarding and stressful experience. In this chapter, we will look at how to resolve conflicts effectively. You will also learn a useful way to communicate negative feedback to other people.
Chapter III: Guest
Working at the hotel can be stressful because you need to know how to solve guest problems apart from dealing with your team and manager. Dealing with complaints can be difficult, requiring managing emotions well and finding solutions quickly. In this chapter, you will learn about empathy - a skill of understanding others.
Chapter IV: Hotel
The final chapter of this course will look at how to work well with other departments. At the hotel, different teams need to collaborate to provide smooth experiences to the guests. You will learn how to make requests politely, negotiate effectively, and compromise when necessary.

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