Step III: Respond

Step III: Respond

If you choose to respond and address the issues mentioned by the feedback giver, then, how to do it? It will make sense to work out a plan of action. Take a look at how to set meaningful goals.

Goals should be clear and well-defined, focusing on a specific outcome or action. For instance, "to improve communication" isn't specific enough because communication includes many different sub-skills.
Goals should include criteria or indicators to measure progress and determine when the goal has been achieved. For example, "to increase customer satisfaction scores by 10%" is a measurable goal.
Goals should be realistic, taking into consideration individual's resources and limitations. They should include specific actions, e.g. "to attend a communication skills workshop within next month.
Goals should be possible to achieve. If the goal is too big or requires an impossible amount of necessary resources, it's unrealistic. An unrealistic goal, for instance, is "to become a millionaire in one month.
Goals should have a specific timeframe or deadline to create a sense of urgency and provide a timeframe for completion. Adding words like "next week" or "in 3 months" can help consider the time frame.

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