Step I: Receive

Step I: Receive

To effectively process feedback, first, it is important to understand it. Sometimes, emotions can prevent us from hearing our opponent, so it is important to control the fight-or-flight response. Watch the video and read through the advice.

Practice the 90-Second Rule: pause and wait for 1.5 minutes before responding.  Taking deep breaths will help slow down your heart and stop the body from activating the fight-or-flight response. When we are calm, our brain can focus on rational thinking.

After you have calmed down your physical reaction, ask yourself: "What makes me feel threatened?" It can be that negative feedback makes you feel not good enough. It can also be that you were always punished for the failure in the past. Control those triggers to be able to understand the value of feedback given.

When you are ready to receive feedback, concentrate on listening. Ask for specific examples of your behavior. If your boss says you are being disorganized, remember the situations when you were late or forgot to follow up. Listen as much as you can because feedback isn't an attack on your character - it's an opportunity to improve.

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