Step II: Reflect

Step II: Reflect

After you hear the person out without arguing or making excuses, the next step is to reflect on the feedback you have received. Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University developed a mindset theory that can help deal with criticism.

Fixed Mindset
Growth Mindset
People with fixed mindset reject criticism or are afraid of it. When someone points out their mistakes, they feel threatened, hurt, and don't want to act on it. These people associate their success with their value: if they fail, they think they aren't good or worthy, so everyone who points out their mistakes attacks their character. These people have only two modes. They either think that they are great or they think that they are terrible. Because there is no middle ground, there is no negotiation in making mistakes.
People with growth mindset think that mistakes are opportunities to learn. They are curious to know more about what they do wrong, so they always ask for examples and try to gather as much information as possible. Growth mindset people know that when they fail, they learn and grow, that's why they welcome criticism and respond openly to it.

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