Asking to Clarify

Asking to Clarify

When we have successfully battled our default reactions and we are ready to listen, we need to make the best of the criticism we receive. To do this, we need to be ready to ask follow-up questions. Here is how to do it effectively.

Show Initiative
Don't be afraid to ask your boss follow-up questions. In fact, showing initiative and being proactive shows that you take feedback seriously and want to learn from it as much as possible.
Ask for Examples
To change your behavior, you need to know what exactly needs to be improved. Ask for specific examples of situations and actions that happened before.
Use Open-ended Questions
Don't ask questions that require simple yes/no answer. Because your goal is to get as much information as possible, ask your opponent why/when/where and how.
Take Notes
One easy way to convince your opponent that you are truly listening to them is to write down what they say. When you take notes you don't only look professional but also remember better.

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