How to resolve guest complaints

To effectively deal with complaints, it is important to follow a 5-step process. Click on the steps below to learn more.


Step I - Manage Your Emotions 

If a guest complains, it's because they need your help. Don't be nervous or annoyed. Take a deep breath and stay calm.


Step II - Listen & Emphasize

To help a guest, we need to understand their problem very well. Ask questions and observe their behavior. Try to guess how they feel and what they need.


Step III - Apologize

When a guest finishes talking, repeat their problem back to them. After this, apologize for the inconvenience. This will show the guest that you are ready to help.


Step IV - Offer Solutions

Most complaints can be resolved by apologizing, but sometimes guests may require a discount or another solution. Try to assume what the guest expects and think of a few different solutions to offer.


Step V - Follow Up

Always follow up with hotel guests who complain. Call the guest to make sure the problem has been resolved and ask about other potential issues.

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